For most small businesses, improving cash flow starts with improving collections. The primary goal of these services is to expedite the collection of receivables. Bank Iowa offers the following products and services to help accomplish this goal. 
Remote Deposit 
Receive funds faster and eliminate your daily drive to the bank with Bank Iowa’s Remote Deposit. From the comfort of your own office, simply use our Remote Deposit scanner to capture check images and safely transmit them to Bank Iowa for processing. All you need is a computer and a secure Internet connection.  
Automated Clearing House (ACH) 
ACH electronic collections are an effective way to streamline receivables and reduce your costs of collecting and receiving payments. ACH transactions offer a host of cash flow benefits, including reduced payment costs, better control of payment timing, greater payment reliability and more accurate cash forecasting.  
Bank Iowa’s Online Cash Management service includes an ACH module that lets you consolidate or disburse funds between companies or subsidiaries, create and initiate consumer electronic debits and credits, originate direct deposit of payroll transfers through the use of user friendly input screens designed for specific ACH applications. 

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