Sweep Accounts  
With a Sweep Account, your excess funds can be automatically transferred on a daily basis from your business checking account and invested into a money market investments. This provides a great way for you to optimize management of your business’ cash balance. 
Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® (CDARS®) 
CDARS provides one-stop shopping for your multi-million dollar CD investments. Access FDIC insurance protection on deposits up to $50 million, all through one monthly statement and one account relationship with Bank Iowa. 
Safe Deposit Boxes 
Protect your important business documents with a safe deposit box. Sizes and availability vary by location. Please contact us for more information. 
Night Depository 
If you are unable to make it to the bank during business hours, a 24-hour night depository (night drop) is available. Transactions will be completed the next business day. 
Money Orders and Cashiers Checks 
Money orders and cashiers checks are safe, convenient, easily accepted and provide receipt of payment. 
Wire Transfers 
Domestic and international wire transfer services are available for outgoing or incoming wires. Fees may vary. 
Trust Services 
Bank Iowa can help with conservatorship, guardianship and estate administration. 
Merchant Card Processing 
As a business owner, you know how important it is to have convenient payment methods available to your customers. With merchant card processing, you will be able to accept credit and debit cards, increasing your sales almost immediately.  

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