Let Bank Iowa help your business with a range of cash management services. 
Remote Deposit 
Scan and electronically deposit checks to your Bank Iowa account. 
Electronic Payment and Collections 
Reduce collection and disbursement costs with electronic payments: 

  • ACH origination – transmit electronic payments and collections
  • Direct deposit of payroll – automatic, safe and guaranteed deposit into your employees’ personal checking or savings accounts, eliminating the cost of payroll checks while saving on processing costs and reconcilement time
  • Direct deposit of payments – membership dues, utility bills, recurring payments, etc.
    Wire Transfers 
    Fast, accurate and secure, for same-day movement of funds. 
    Information Reporting 
    Access to previous and current day account information, day or night, from home or office. 
    Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) 
    Save time and pay federal taxes online. 
    Merchant Bankcard Services 
    One source for all your card processing with access to all major card networks. 

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