Bank Iowa’s mission is to operate progressive banks in viable Iowa communities. Each bank will serve its community by being a leader in supporting issues which improve economic growth and quality of life in the community. Drawing upon the strengths of our company, we will offer high quality banking products and services. 
  • Collectively think as one large organization with standardized products while acting as individual institutions
  • Develop a customer-focused culture that celebrates success and emphasizes the total customer relationship rather than individual product sales
  • Encourage our employees to develop their abilities through teamwork, support, recognition and reward
  • Strive to be a high performance institution among peers and continue to retain earnings to facilitate growth
  • Monitor and evaluate changing technology to ensure we remain competitive in products and services
    Core Values 
  • Value effectiveness over efficiency
  • Think as one organization, implement locally
  • Community-oriented in our profession and in our personal lives
  • Focus on employees and customers
  • Maintain integrity in everything we do
  • Encourage open communication with our customers and employees

  • FDIC
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